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Meetings - Seishiro, Setsuka and Subaru, is this coincidence?


I’ve just realized something…

Seishiro was 9 years old when he met his mother, and Subaru was 9 years old when he met Seishiro.

When Seishiro’s mother Seishiro at that moment, she said she loved him. Does this mean… what I think it means in Seishiro’s and Subaru’s case, or is this coincidence and me being silly?

Wait a minute, where does it say that Seishirou met his mother when he was 9? Or that she told him that she loved him when he was 9? I can’t seem to recall…Could someone refresh my memory for me?

Usagi Tsukino in every way.

Fuck You, Emmys.

Still can’t believe Billy Bob Thornton did NOT win Best Actor for Fargo. He completely deserved it; his performance and delivery was both mesmerizing and phenomenal; he completely embodied a very charming, very suave sociopath.

The Emmy’s were utterly wrong; the award should have gone to Billy and not to Benedict.

Billy gave his absolute best performance - even the critics agreed. He won the Critics Choice awards - he should have absolutely won his much deserved Emmy.

What a shame.

So guess who showed up in the new Tsubasa World Chronicle.

So guess who showed up in the new Tsubasa World Chronicle.

Woody Allen once said -

Equality is not necessarily a requirement in a relationship and that the heart wants what it wants. There’s no logic to those things. You meet someone and you fall in love, and that’s that.

I think he’d like CLAMP.

Its been bugging people for 11 years.

I am too emotionally invested in Subaru Sumeragi for my own good.

Anonymous asked: Wasn't Seishirou described as "beautiful young man" (or was it handsome?) in the Outo Country arc in TRC? I don't think Subaru was ever stated in canon as beautiful. :(

Subaru doesn’t need to be stated as anything (I mean, all we have to do is look…lol) but you’re wrong, actually. ^_^

Multiple times (and as a running gag) Subaru is described as being very cute in Tokyo Babylon by Seishirou, Hokuto or even random people (sometimes those random people will actually group together just to coo at him though he’s blissfully unaware of this…lol). He’s mistaken for being a cute girl several times as well, much to his utter embarrassment. The karaoke ghost in TB not only mistakes him for being a girl (and Seishirou for his boyfriend…lol), calls him “so cute”, but also compliments him (Subaru) on his “beautiful eyes”.

In X, Sorata makes a comment saying that Subaru (depending on your version of X) is beautiful/pretty. Sorata also says that his side (Dragons of Heaven) would win the battle based on good looks alone, including Subaru in the equation. Keiichi, Kamui’s bubbly friend, says Subaru’s (again, depending on your version) handsome/beautiful/good looking - and Kamui agrees. Seishirou multiple times says Subaru’s very cute (Seishirou’s halfway teasing/halfway honest, but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t think Subaru-kun is quite the beauty besides being so fixated by him), and it is generally known that Subaru is thought of as being visually appealing/beautiful throughout X.

I always felt in TRC that Seishirou shouldn’t be described as being “beautiful”, but rather as “handsome” since the way he is drawn is completely masculine rather than “softer” - but eh, that is just a small nitpick. And of course Subaru looks really good in TRC too - he and Kamui are the most beautiful ones throughout the run of the series in my opinion.

In fact, Subaru’s one of the most complimented CLAMP characters generally.

Even CLAMP has stated several times that Subaru’s very pretty.

Hope that answered your question! :P



Anonymous asked: Let's presume Subaru died instead of Seishirou. How do you think Sei-chan would react? I always thought that he'd react worse if he lost Subaru hence he chose to commit suicide. That's my belief anyway. :P

At this time in X, Seishirou by this point has finally realized he is in love with Subaru (courtesy of Fuuma’s magic-mirror face and a really subtle scene courtesy of CLAMP), and that Subaru is his most important person.

This is cannon.

Anyway, I honestly think Seishirou wouldn’t show it (or he’d try extremely hard not to show it), but it would affect him horribly (either immediately or gradually), and with Subaru’s death he’d really realize what a massive, empty void has been left behind. Seishirou would realize he was completely capable of feelings, and that of course - he’d utterly lost the Bet in every way, shape and form.

See, with Seishirou taking the easy way out and committing suicide (among many things) he saves himself the problem of really dealing with his emotions as a mature, rational (lawl) adult. He shoves everything (yet again!) on Subaru, and dies blissfully free from the reverse situation of dealing with Subaru-kun’s death.

What a bastard.

Getting back on track, if Subaru died/was killed by Seishirou, he (Sei-chan) would never recover and it would be great, because he really needs to feel something so badly and suffer for it until his dying day.

Life would never be the same from that point.