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Tokyo Babylon OVA (1992) // Subaru Sumeragi Character Setting

Which just goes to show you that Subaru’s not only got the face, but quite the shapely figure.

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I am too emotionally invested in Subaru Sumeragi for my own good.

Anonymous asked: Agree or Disagree: Japan from Hetalia looks a lot like Subaru

(Sorry, too lazy to search for better pictures but…)

Yes! Finally someone brings this up.


In terms of their hair, I’ve always thought this - always. It is the haircut, they share the exact same haircut.

Outside of their hair, no, not at all…But then when Japan/Kiku’s drawn in fanart, he looks much closer to Subaru.

But yeah, the hair gives it away! Jet black and straight, longish cut with bangs - both have the exact same haircut. And they even have some similar character traits - that same quietness of character, their reserved and reticent natures, how they are both “well brought up gentlemen”…how they both furiously blush when under pressure (or rather, teen!Subaru used to); their shyness (though adult!Subaru’s shyness is quite muffled, he remains soft spoken regardless).

I guess in the “right circumstances” Subaru’s shyness would become more apparent.Those circumstances would of course involve Seishirou…But that’s another topic.


Anyway, glad to see someone else out there thinks the same thing. Thanks for the fun question!

Anonymous asked: Wasn't Seishirou described as "beautiful young man" (or was it handsome?) in the Outo Country arc in TRC? I don't think Subaru was ever stated in canon as beautiful. :(

Subaru doesn’t need to be stated as anything (I mean, all we have to do is look…lol) but you’re wrong, actually. ^_^

Multiple times (and as a running gag) Subaru is described as being very cute in Tokyo Babylon by Seishirou, Hokuto or even random people (sometimes those random people will actually group together just to coo at him though he’s blissfully unaware of this…lol). He’s mistaken for being a cute girl several times as well, much to his utter embarrassment. The karaoke ghost in TB not only mistakes him for being a girl (and Seishirou for his boyfriend…lol), calls him “so cute”, but also compliments him (Subaru) on his “beautiful eyes”.

In X, Sorata makes a comment saying that Subaru (depending on your version of X) is beautiful/pretty. Sorata also says that his side (Dragons of Heaven) would win the battle based on good looks alone, including Subaru in the equation. Keiichi, Kamui’s bubbly friend, says Subaru’s (again, depending on your version) handsome/beautiful/good looking - and Kamui agrees. Seishirou multiple times says Subaru’s very cute (Seishirou’s halfway teasing/halfway honest, but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t think Subaru-kun is quite the beauty besides being so fixated by him), and it is generally known that Subaru is thought of as being visually appealing/beautiful throughout X.

I always felt in TRC that Seishirou shouldn’t be described as being “beautiful”, but rather as “handsome” since the way he is drawn is completely masculine rather than “softer” - but eh, that is just a small nitpick. And of course Subaru looks really good in TRC too - he and Kamui are the most beautiful ones throughout the run of the series in my opinion.

Even CLAMP has stated several times that Subaru’s very pretty.

Hope that answered your question! :P



Anonymous asked: Let's presume Subaru died instead of Seishirou. How do you think Sei-chan would react? I always thought that he'd react worse if he lost Subaru hence he chose to commit suicide. That's my belief anyway. :P

At this time in X, Seishirou by this point has finally realized he is in love with Subaru (courtesy of Fuuma’s magic-mirror face and a really subtle scene courtesy of CLAMP), and that Subaru is his most important person.

This is cannon.

Anyway, I honestly think Seishirou wouldn’t show it (or he’d try extremely hard not to show it), but it would affect him horribly (either immediately or gradually), and with Subaru’s death he’d really realize what a massive, empty void has been left behind. Seishirou would realize he was completely capable of feelings, and that of course - he’d utterly lost the Bet in every way, shape and form.

See, with Seishirou taking the easy way out and committing suicide (among many things) he saves himself the problem of really dealing with his emotions as a mature, rational (lawl) adult. He shoves everything (yet again!) on Subaru, and dies blissfully free from the reverse situation of dealing with Subaru-kun’s death.

What a bastard.

Getting back on track, if Subaru died/was killed by Seishirou, he (Sei-chan) would never recover and it would be great, because he really needs to feel something so badly and suffer for it until his dying day.

Life would never be the same from that point.

Remember those happy times before Babylon and everything hurt?

Remember those happy times before Babylon and everything hurt?

CLAMP works, 1989 - 2014

fantasyfarming asked: I'm a little surprised you replied, but thank you very much for doing so. No one I know really knows much about the older CLAMP works unless it's cardcaptor Sakura. Tho curiously, besides SeiSub, do you have another pairing which you adore so much from the series? Ah, and, do you know of any good Tokyo Babylon or X fanfictions? Thank you very much again for replying. ^^

I’m so sorry it took me a while to reply - I completely forgot about replying to you!

 To be honest, I’ve pretty much read ALL the TB/X fanfics on the internet lol. I’ve read so many. I’ll mention just some (for now) here though.

Let’s start!

 Sakura and Snow by Natalie Baan http://www.firecat.net/fanfics/sakura/sakura.html

This is THE classic SeiSub fanfiction. It is written like an actual novel, the prose is incredible, it is very mature, adult and serious. It took the author 13 years to write and is considered THE SeiSub fanfic and one of the greatest fanfictions of all time. It is not my favorite because as much as the prose is beautiful, I feel the story is lacking and looses itself a bit in descriptions and well, sex - but despite that, it is well worth a read for the sheer emotion and the legacy it has in the fandom. There are several other fanfictions on the website as well, but this is the masterpiece.

Nukume Dori by Leareth http://doki3.net/void/tbx/nukume/nukume.html


This story is still ongoing and is still be written - keep a look out for updates! The first link provides you with the first 16 chapters; the second link (and where the story is being updated) provides you with 17 and up to the current chapter 20. Only a sneek peek into chapter 21 is up as of now. Only read the excerpt for chapter 21, as all the others are pointless to read since their chapters have already been fully written out. This one is my personal favorite SeiSub fanfiction.

The first link I gave you for Leareth is her website. There she has many other great SeiSub fanfictions you can check out, other fanfictions for other series, and also original works one of which (For Whom Do You Sing) is well written and very touching and I recommend it strongly. She is also on Archive of Our Own and Livejournal.

36° by AKK http://archiveofourown.org/works/233626

Family Matters by AKK http://archiveofourown.org/works/688109

These two links are together because the first one is the prequel, the second the main story. You don’t HAVE to read the prequel, but it will give you even more backstory and insight to this complex story of Family Matters, which is probably my second favorite (long) SeiSub story. It is part of the Decagram series, and while the two mentioned stories are complete, AKK the author said they’re planning to write more. There are also many side stories and other SeiSub stories on their page on the website.

Check out all the SeiSub stories by Literary Insanity http://insaneidiot.livejournal.com/tag/seishirou%2Fsubaru

There is a lot of humor on there, crack, lemons (smut) and fun stuff – but there are also serious stories too and they’re all enjoyable. Majority are one-shots. There is one (unfortunately incomplete) on-going story with a LOT of X pairings (though the main pairs in that story are SeiSub and FuuKam). The story is an AU where the cast of X are rival rock bands and it is very funny for the most part.

Also check out the following:

SeiSub section for both Tokyo Babylon, X and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle on Fanfiction.net https://www.fanfiction.net/

SeiSub on Livejournal SeiSub Club (just keep going back and checking out the stories until you reach the foundation of the club – there are a LOT of good stories on there if you just keep digging) http://seixsub.livejournal.com/

SeiSub stories on Archive of Our Own http://archiveofourown.org/tags/Sakurazuka%20Seishirou*s*Sumeragi%20Subaru/works

Don’t forget to always check out the authors page! You might find continuations of their stories, or more featuring the same couple.

Have fun!

I want to reply to your other questions too, but I can’t find the message button on your page o_O

Friendly reminder that Subaru is absolutely gorgeous. How Seishirou kept his hands off him I don’t know.

I accidentally deleted my other post of him guys. Fuck.

Kare Kano - His and Her Circumstances

Kare Kano - His and Her Circumstances